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On A More Personal Note...

I want people to remember my passion for positively impacting the world.  If I can share my experience, strength and hope with enough people, this will happen.

I provide the service of Reiki because it changed the course of my life.  I feel I have a responsibility to make this opportunity available to others.

I also live fairly comfortably with Clinically Diagnosed Fibromyalgia.  When I received my diagnosis I was frustrated, angry, and frightened.  I wasn't convinced Fibromyalgia was 'real'.  I thought it was something Healthcare Professionals gave a name to when they simply couldn't come up with a diagnosis.

I was wrong.  I became active in my own care by learning what types of food and activities affected my Flare Ups.  After being on Pain management of Opiates for almost a year, I made a personal decision to get off of them altogether.  It has been over two years now and I regulate my health by eating healthy, resting when I need to, remaining active by walking or running, light stretching and practicing self-Reiki Daily.

I own and operate Auntie Victoria's Pet Care, LLC .  I focus on providing personalized care for  each client.  Please visit www.AuntieVictoriasPetCare.com for details.

I am also a Compassionate Entrepreneur with Trades of Hope.

Trades of Hope is a forward thinking organization that supports Female Artisans Worldwide.  By recognizing a need for Women to have opportunities to support themselves, their children, and sometimes their entire families, this Fair Trade group took action.

Please take a look at my website, learn about the need for Women in Fair Trade and how I make a difference... and how you can as well.


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